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bulk Car Cleaning

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    Product Details
    Product Name:Windshield De Icer Product Brand:3ECARE
    MOQ: One 20' Container Appearance: Plastic Bottle
    Packing:500ml*12 Delivery time: 15 days
    Product Description
    The Windshield De Icer using a unique ice-melting, anti-icing technology, so that condensed ice and frost on glass surface frost quickly would be melted, peeled, preventing it from being condensed again, effectively reducing the frost caused by the wiper wear and windshield scratches.This product also could clean stains effectively, inhibit adsorption, and doesn’t hurt the wiper.
    Spray the product directly, until fully penetrating, it making the ice from the glass surface, start wiper or dry towel to wipe ice.bulk Car Cleaning
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