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China ECG Wires suppliers

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    P/N: G512AA
    Philips 5 lead ECG lead wire M1625A, AHA, Snap
    Latex free
    0.9m TPU cable
    Six months warranty
    CE/ISO 13485 FSC FDA
    Packages: non-sterilization, individual package with instruction
    Philips: 78352C, 78354C, 78834C, 862474 (C3), 862475 (C3),862478 (C3), 862479 (C3), MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP90, M1001A M1001B, M1002A, M1002B, M1165A, M1166A, M1167A, M1175A, M1177A, M1205A, M1722A, M1722B, M2601A, M2745A, M3000A, M3001A, M3046A, M3500B, M3535A, M3536A, M4375A, M5500B
    Safety: IEC 60101-1 approved, conformity with MDD 93/42/EEC and AAMI/ANSI EC53
    Ambient temperature: 0 to 40℃ (32 to 104℉)
    Relative humidity: 15% to 95%
    Materials: Quality TPU jacket cable; Medical PVC strain relief; Gold plated pins and Nylon plug
    We accept payment via TT (Telegraphic Transfer) and L/C. For small orders of samples, it's acceptable by Western Union and PayPal.
    We offer as many shipping options as possible, including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, etc.China ECG Wires suppliers

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