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China Suspension Crane manufacturers

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    European Type Suspension Overhead Crane
    Widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses and low building areas where big crane is inappropriate, essential in raising working efficiency and conditions.

    Product Details:
    European Type Suspension Overhead Crane
    Features and advantages:
    1. Directly installed on the roof of existed plant without corbels which reduce costs and save space.
    2. Flexible driving, extensive adaption, low maintenance and easy replacement.
    3. Carts driven by RS series motor with 8 wheels and run more smoothly.
    4. Universal bearing effectively adjust the track error.
    5. Traveling crane spans beyond range of the car through the side end of the boom, achieve maximized lifting weight range.
    6. European optimized design, small wheel pressure and dwarf lifting weight upto 5t.
    7. Convenient wireless remote control, Motor protection class: IP55, F class insulation; Pendant control: IP65, 500,000 times life.
    8. High strength, good rigidity, light weight and excellent material ensure stability and convenient operation.
    9. All parts are highly cost effective, highly standardized, with high accuracy, reliable quality and stable performance, also easy to install and freely combine.
    10. Excellent performance, frequency control, easy and smooth operation with variety models meets various usages of all users.

    ModelApplication of Crane ModelWheel / MotorTraveling Speed (m/min)A(mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)E(mm)
    JCYC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering wholesale service to the world since 1991. International standard production, strong technology team, excellent sales and after-sales service, JCYC is the best partner on your successful business road. OEM & ODM are both ok. Welcomes contact us to gain mutual benefits and make bright future together.China Suspension Crane manufacturers

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