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Crepe Paper Tape manufacturers

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    Moisture Resistant Crepe Paper Tape
    Description of Crepe Paper Tape:
    Moisture Resistant Crepe Paper Tape used on a wide variety of smooth substrates as a printed or unprinted general purpose tape. It can be used for packaging, bundling, binding, holding, splicing, banding, labeling, color coding, decorating and identification.
    Feature of Crepe Paper Tape:
    Removes cleanly with no residue
    Does not cause surface damage
    Applies quickly and easily
    Easy to use - comes off the roll easily
    Jumbo roll: maximum length: 1,800m
    Maximum width: 1250mm (usable width 990/1250mm)
    Slitted roll: width and length available upon request
    Color: colors can be customized
    Application of Crepe Paper Tape:
    1.Ideal for multi-surface application.
    2.Suitable for outdoor application.
    3.Paper aproning and fixing, bundling, holding, sealing and other applications
    4.Applicable to different temperature resistance with cleaner removal. No adhesive residue. It is used for fixing resistors, capacitors, masking and automobile industry in the process of spray-painting.Crepe Paper Tape manufacturers

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