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Roll To Roll Fabric Heat Press Machine Guangzhou

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    Technical data
    Item name Calendar press machine
    Printing/Roll width 2M
    Roll Diameter 420mm
    Gross Weight 2100KG
    Power 35KW
    Packing size(L*W*H) 290x145x170cm
    Voltage 220/380V
    Transfer Mode Roll to roll / Cut - Piece
    Transfer Speed Adjustable, 1-6 M / Min
    Feeding method Top feeding
    Heating principle Electric with thermal oil
    Rotary heat pres is suitable for both thermal transferring on fabrics and high temperature transferring on shirt materials. With high quality oil heating system, JC-26B is a perfect choice for fabric and clothing printing.
    Conveyor belt's heat dissipation is better
    Added a small tank for waste oil, It's more convenient and safer to change oil.
    100% Full Oil,Explosion-proof equipment
    Automatic correction blanket edge, Air swelling shaft (Ensure the fabric & paper stable transfer)
    Automatic correction the grid blanket, The grid blanket will easy to heat dissipation
    Automatic device for deviation and correction of Blanket and conveyor belt, Separate blanket from roller automatically
    Humanization design,Independent Electric Box,Easy operate and safety.
    Auto recycle transfer paper and protect paper.
    Q1. Is there any guarantee for this machine?
    Yes, We provide one year warranty for all the electronic part
    Q2. Do you inspect sublimation jersey printing machine?
    Yes, every machine will be inspect by QC department before shipping
    Q3. How can I install and start to use machines?
    At first, you should read the users’ manual(instruction book) to learn how to install and maintain.
    Q4. What's your best price?
    A:Our products have a quite wide price range for different types and different quality requirement. Please contact us freely, we will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.
    Q5. Can you print our own logo on the case?
    A:Yes, we can do the custom design case. We have two kinds of printing, heat-pressing and screen printing for your choice. Roll To Roll Fabric Heat Press Machine Guangzhou

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