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Semi Truck Steel Wheels for sale

Thảo luận trong 'Góp ý - Báo lỗi' bắt đầu bởi jingnian, 8/10/18.

  1. jingnian

    jingnian Chắn Thủ

    In the past 13 years, with presence in over 70 nations across 6 continents, Qingdao Telsun International Trade Co., Ltd has fastly grown up an One-Stop-Souring supplier for a wide range of tires & wheels, spare parts in China. We aim for provide our clients with optimized combination of service, price and product performance as well as deliver the maximized value of the product.
    The main product of Telsun is to supply tires, wheels and spare parts for the global “OEM” and aftermarkets. We are the specialist of supplying a full specification of tires & wheels for commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and off-road vehicles. Telsun can supply the wheels according to customers’ requirements and our company also can provide the wheel and tires assemblies service with advanced equipments.
    Telsun are embracing partners to collaborating with our passionated and experienced experts. Our ultimate goal is to cooperate with all partners in overseas markets and establish a win-win business together.
    Mission of Telsun with 3C: Create value for customers; Create happiness for employees; Create to development of sociality.
    Spirit of Telsun “FWST”: Focus; Win-Win; Sustain; Be grateful.
    Vision of Telsun: Being a leading and reliable supplier of tires & wheels in China.Semi Truck Steel Wheels for sale

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